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Property News

We strive to give clients a brief concise, well-researched, in-depth news on developments relevant to the Real Estate industry affecting Hermanus.

While the broad contours of property performance  are fairly apparent to most, with the signs of a gradual upswing. Building cost keep rising and now is the ideal time to invest in a home in Hermanus.

Some investors look at property as less risky than paper investments, being a more tangible investment. Property remains a strong asset class with strong fundamentals ; especially now.  Now is a particular good time to select properties in Hermanus as a long term real estate investment.

The current real estate market in popular Hermanus  shows excellent opportunities for  buyers and the real estate investor . Most property owners have seen the long term investment advantage of the Overstrand and have over the years made excellent  returns on investments. At the current rate of construction costs real value is on offer. Hermanus remains a popular destination and is a winner of many awards, ranging from Blue drop for water quality, most productive municipality,  greenest town  and blue flag beach status. It offers first class facilities and one notice the upgrading and improvement of  facilities on a yearly basis. The area gets more and more visitors as a result of successful and efficient management. The community buys into  improvements and many members of active NGO's deliver excellent selfless service to the less fortunate members of society.

As a rule investors in property take a long term view and it remains a sound asset class, more so if buying took place at the end of a down cycle which we believe we have now reached. Hermanus will  remain popular as a residential, retirement and  holiday destination. The construction costs keep rising and the gap between new and completed building keeps widening. Now is the time to seriously consider this market. More and more elderly persons also find this the ideal destination for longevity and joyfulness. Those not at retirement age invest here as a holiday destination or with the longer view settling here in future.

Excellent management at local government level, is surely a guarantee for a sound investment. Excellent value is on offer in terms of return of service delivery for tax money paid by rate payers.  This trend will continue under an able and dedicated work force serving the rate payers and public. Rates and taxes as a result remain low. Consult for further information.

Hermanus remains a popular destination for local and international people. The market now offers good value for the long term investor in properties in Hermanus.

The housing construction sector has as expected experienced a downturn but signs of a recovery is becoming apparent. Infrastructure and business real estate development have experienced large investments which will place Hermanus in a better future position.Several projects for the upgrading of infrastructure could be seen, making this a better town for all and one of the top places of note to visit.

Contact us to find the best match for your needs. We have many years of experience  in this area since 2010. We can assist with buying, long term renting or holiday accommodation.

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